• Dome-Style Underground Fibre Enclosures


    • Robust, UV and chemical resistant polycarbonate shell for maximum performance in extreme conditions
    • Heatshrink cable fixing ensures the IP rating is not compromised
    • Oval port for cable expressing, i.e. when a single tube may require breaking out and terminating
    • Individual cable entry ports for retro fitting of additional cables
    • Expandable cassette stacking system for additional cable splicing


    • Fibre cable fusion splicing in pits, direct buried, aerial or pole-mounting
    • Fibre cable joining or repairs
    • Fibre cable tap off and expressing


AFL's Dome-Style Underground Fibre Enclosures are a quick and effective way to join or repair fibre cables in harsh environments such as underground pits or aerial applications. All cable entry and exit ports are sealed and accessed as required.
The enclosures include splice cassettes for fusion splicing, and you can easily access them without the need for special tooling. They feature a lockable clamp to prevent unauthorised entry and can be pole- and wall-mounted.
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