• 1RU Horizontal Patchcord Minder


    • High-quality, powder-coated panel for long term reliability
    • High-grade plastic clips provide maximum strength
    • Rounded edges on the clips maintain proper bend radius and are suitable for both fibre optic and copper cabling
    • The clips require no screws or tooling and can be easily rotated horizontally or vertically, to suit a particular installation
    • Knockout sections in the panel with brush strips allow rear patching and help manage air flow within the rack


    • Organizing network cabling requiring hubs, switches and patch panels within a data or server rack


AFL’s 1RU horizontal patchcord minder offers an effective way to manage and route fibre optic and copper cabling within any standard 19” equipment rack. These minder panels are robust in construction and consist of four cable clips and removable access panels for allowing rear patching.
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