• Fibre Optic Splice Cassettes


    • Packaged in convenient installation kits including screws, cable ties, splice protectors and instructions
    • Kits are supplied with lids to minimise accidental damage to fibres and to keep out dust particles
    • Spring loaded rubber clamps on the entry/exit points ensure secure fibre clamping with minimal pressure points
    • Cable tie holes for additional fixing for all fibre tubes
    • High-density combs allow for 24 splices in large cassette and 12 splices in small cassette
    • Provision for storing unterminated incoming fibres
    • Two fibre spools for storing excess fibre and redirecting fibre around the cassette


    • Fusion splicing of fibre optic cables in all wall or rackmounted enclosures


AFL splice cassettes come in two different sizes and can be stacked or hinged for easy access. These cassettes are directly mounted to the base of an enclosure and do not require any mounting brackets. They are generally used in wall and rack mount fibre enclosures.
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