• Over Cladding


    • Customizable for size and glass composition
    • Can be used with two fibers to form a Fabry Perot cavity
    • Single or multipoint surface contacts


    • Hermetic sealing of fibers and devices
    • Mode stripping
    • NA conversion
    • Sensing


Over cladding is the process of placing a fiber into a capillary tube and collapsing the capillary tube until it fuses with the fiber. This process can also be used to provide a hermetic seal between a fiber and a capillary tube or to combine the over cladding with an inverse tapered fiber to increase the core coupling. After creating this taper, the fiber is cleaved in the expanded region, placed in a capillary tube, and the tube is collapsed to create a hermetic seal. This process allows high energy light to be launched into the larger core diameter that was created, and then for the core to reduce to its normal size adiabatically without losing substantial energy.


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