• NYFORS AutoCleaver-LDA™


    • Variable angle cleaving, 0 to >15 degrees
    • Automatic fiber waste collection
    • PC controllable
    • Long-lasting diamond blade
    • Operator independent
    • Semi automatic


The AutoCleaver LDA is a high precision fiber cleaver, designed for angle cleaving of large diameter fibers (LDF). It is a special version of the wellknown AutoCleaver LDF™ which provide outstanding cleaving performance for fibers from 230 µm up to 1000 µm in diameter. The unique and patent pending cleaving process generates typical cleave angles of less than 0.5 degrees.

The AutoCleaver LDA is capable of cleaving fibers with a coating diameter up to 1000 µm, achieving cleave angles from 0 up to more than 15 degrees with very consistent ±0.5 degrees cleave angles. The cleave angle is set using a micrometer screw positioner allowing the operator to quickly setup the cleaver for different fiber sizes or cleave angles.



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