• NYFORS CleaveMeter 2™


    • Sharp fringe patterns
    • Flat and angled cleave measurements
    • Operator skill independent for fast operation
    • Accepts fibers with claddings from 125 μm up to 1200 μm
    • Accepts fiber holders of major splicer manufacturers
    • Adapter plate angle error measurement and compensation (Premium software)
    • Plane angle and three-point fiber diameter measurement (Premium software)


    • Component manufacturing
    • Cleaver verification and testing


The CleaveMeter 2 is a non-contact interferometer designed for inspecting the
end-faces of cleaved and polished optical fibers with cladding diameters of 125 μm
to 1200 μm. It gives immediate information on important end-face properties such as
flatness, perpendicularity, hackles and dust. Sampling tests as well as continuous process documentation can be carried out both easily and quickly, making this an ideal instrument for cleaver inspection and optimization.
The optical system is based on a high-end camera with true megapixel resolution and
very high sensitivity, yielding excellent image quality at high frame rates and high
magnification. Switching between low and high magnification is software-controlled. Highprecision optics guarantees sharp and clear images and fringe patterns with very
little aberration.
The CleaveMeter 2 comes with user friendly and efficient software available in two
different versions – standard and premium. Standard software features include cleave
angle measurements with in-picture presentation of results, user-defined markers at points of interest, pseudo-color mode for better contrast and the ability to log information, save and load images to and from files. The premium software package includes support for measurement of plane angles and fiber diameters as well as compensation for adapter plate angle error for increased accuracy.
The CleaveMeter 2 comes in a small ergonomic, bench-top design and connects to the
USB port of a PC running the host application.


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