• FSR-115, FSR-116 and FSR-117 Optical Fiber Recoaters


    • RFID mold identification for simple recoat mode selection
    • Easy user exchangeable mold, inserts and shims for precise concentricity in any application
    • Consistent, accurate recoat lengths
    • Fast pumping mechanism for cycle time reduction
    • Laser light illumination of recoat mold for ease of viewing during injection
    • 2 kgf or 10 kgf proof tension depending on model
    • Touchscreen graphical UI


AFL offers a complete lineup of high-quality optical fiber recoaters to reconstitute the primary coating of an optical fiber. In applications with flexible packaging requirements, high strength and high reliability splices, softer coatings for gyroscope splices, low-index coatings for power delivery and more.

The latest recoaters from Fujikura improve on their respective predecessors in numerous ways. The time to inject recoat material has been reduced by over 50% due to an improved pumping mechanism and new glass mold design. While still utilizing quartz glass, the new mold design improves both pump time and recoat length accuracy, especially for longer recoats, by improving the flow rate of material across the entire mold. The mold also features a unique RFID capability, enabling the FSR to automatically limit selectable recoat modes in the UI, based on mold size installed and recoat mode parameters. This feature speeds up application changeover and can serve as a production control measure. Further enabling ease of changeover, this FSR series includes user exchangeable inserts for different sizes and combinations of fiber coating and mold. To maintain concentricity of the fiber relative to the mold, the height of the fiber must change in the clamping system outside of the mold. This process is a simple exchange of metal inserts in the fiber clamps. For fine-tuned height adjustments, spare shims are included in every recoater shipment. Like their predecessors, the FSR-115 has no proof tension, the FSR-116 has a linear proof tester up to 2 kgf, and the FSR-117 has mandrel wraps for up to 10 kgf of tension or proof to failure for most fibers.

This generation of recoaters brings exciting benefits to the specialty fiber optic industry. Fujikura continues to lead with innovation and value in the quality solutions they develop. Put our recoaters to the test by contacting us at 1-800-235-3423.

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