• NYFORS AutoCoater 2™


    • Consistent, high quality recoating
    • Automatic and skill independent
    • Short cycle time
    • Linear and mandrel strength testing
    • Uniform diameter, overcoating and undersize recoating capability
    • Easy exchange of recoating resin type
    • No need for compressed air or vacuum
    • Compatible with all common recoating resins including low-index and high temperature materials


    • Production recoating


Designed for high strength applications, the AutoCoater 2 restores the protective coating on spliced acrylate-coated optical fibers. It is fully automatic, allowing for operator skill and independence in factory environments with high productivity and cost advantages. 

Recoating compound is injected automatically into soft silicone recoating molds identical to those used in NYFORS manual recoaters. These silicone molds are easily & rapidly exchangeable with no realignment required. With different sizes and custom molds available, the operator can not only easily exchange molds to meet requirements for different fiber and fiber coating diameters, but he can also choose whether to (a) recoat to a uniform diameter that exactly matches the original fiber coating diameter, (b) recoat with a cross section slightly smaller in diameter than the original fiber coating (undersize), or (c) recoat with a larger diameter that moverlaps the primary coating at each end of the recoat section (over-coating).


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