• APM-101 and APM-102 Automatic Preparation Machine


    • Automatic cleaning - Allows a continuous sequence of 100 fiber preparation operations
    • Automatic residue collector - Coating residue and glass scraps are collected in separate containers
    • Alcohol circulation system - Enables a lengthy refill-free operation
    • Diamond blade - A diamond blade is used for consistent cleave quality
    • Reliable stripping method – Contact of the stripping blade to the fiber is prevented using guides
    • Production-friendly design - The operating height is the same


    • Opto-electronic manufacturing
    • Automated production


The APM-101 and APM-102 provide fiber optic preparation automation for assembly
operations in a factory environment. Both perform all the operational steps required to
strip, clean and cleave the fiber, automatically and with high repeatability. This includes
stripping the fiber without degrading fiber quality, cleaning fiber with alcohol to remove
coating residue, and cleaving consistently at a right angle to the fiber axis. The entire
process is complete in as little as 21 seconds.
The APM-101 is designed to accept the FH-100-250 fiber holder that is a component
of Fujikura’s FSM-100 series and LZM-100 splicing platforms. It can also accept the
FH-40/45-250 fiber holder used with the FSM-40/45F and FSM-40/45PM splicing
platforms. The APM-102 is designed to accept the FH-60-250 fiber holder used with
Fujikura models 70S, 19S and 12S.
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