• SS-110 Specialty Fiber Stripper


    • RFID fiber holder identification and thermal stripping mode selection.
    • Heating temperature, time, length, and pull speed are all adjustable.
    • Heater height adjustable depending on fiber coating diameter.
    • Standard blade sizes of common fiber types with custom options available.
    • PC Software downloaded from SS-110


The Fujikura SS-110 specialty fiber stripper is designed for high reliability fiber splicing in several applications. The centralizing features of the replaceable blades position the optical fiber to both prevent contact of the blades with the fiber cladding and sufficiently remove the fiber coating in one pass. This prevents damage to the glass and leaves little to no debris behind for easy cleaning. In addition, the combined centralizing and blade assembly removes the need for an external guide, making replacement or exchange of the blades quick and simple. Temperature, time, stripping length, and the motorized pull speed are adjustable to optimize thermal stripping for a variety of buffer materials and sizes.

As an industry first, this thermal stripper has an RFID sensor which matches the RFID tag on every FH-110 series fiber holder. This tag and sensor are tied to a new fiber holder management capability in the SS-110. Users can pair a fiber holder to a thermal stripping mode via PC software. Each fiber holder has a unique RFID and a user defined name for simple setup of fiber holder and thermal stripping mode combinations. The SS-110 utilizes the pairings setup in the PC software to automatically change the thermal stripping mode based on the fiber holder recognized by the SS-110’s RFID sensor. This can be used as either a process control measure, or to aid in thermal stripping optimizations.

This specialty thermal stripper brings exciting benefits at a greater value to the specialty fiber optic industry. Fujikura continues to lead with innovation and value in the quality.


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