• SD MTP Range


    • MTP Elite connectors Flat and angled front cassette designs for patchcord management options
    • Colour coded cassettes, cassette fronts and coloured LC adapters available for circuit ID options
    • MTP adapter panels to suit 40/100 Gig architecture


    • Data Centres
    • Storage Area Networks (SANs)
    • Internal building backbones or horizontal distribution
    • Fibre-to-the-desk


AFL’s SD (Standard Density) range of MTP enclosures and cassettes offer an ideal balance of density and accessibility. Ideally suited for environments requiring increased space for labelling and patching access. 

Modular tray (MOD-T) enclosures to suit the SD range are a fixed tray style and offer an easy open access, shallow depth design. Suited to racks with a minimum depth of 450 mm or back to back applications in deeper racks. 

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