• Power Meter Connector Adapters


Power Meter Adapter Caps

Part Number Description
8800-00-0214 2.5 mm Universal (accepts FC, SC, and ST ferrules)
8800-00-0224 1.25 mm Universal (accepts LC and MU ferrules)
8800-00-0200 FC
8800-00-0209 SC
8800-00-0202 ST®
8800-00-0225 LC simplex
8800-00-0221 E-2000
8800-00-0226 MU simplex
8800-00-0219 2.5 mm open Universal. Accepts SC duplex, OptiTap connector for measuring optical power.
8800-00-0230 MT-RJ (A side only). When used for loss testing, “A side only” adapter verifies system polarity
8800-00-0231 MT-RJ (A side or B side)
8800-00-0203 SMA
8800-00-0201 D4
8800-00-0204 Biconic
8800-00-0210 ESCON®
8800-00-0205 FDDI (for OPM ports only!)
8800-00-0211 DIN 47256
8800-00-0212 Radiall PFO/VFO Adapters for Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)
8800-00-0223 1000 mm bare fiber (plastic)
8800-00-0271PR HP-HFBR-45XX POF Universal


  • For images of adapters refer to Test Port Adapters Reference Guide (PDF) available under Related Documents tab.
  • ESCON is a registered trademark of IBM
  • ST is a registered trademark of Lucent Technologies


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