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Customers and Agents Portal

Looking for your purchase orders sent to AFL?

Designed for our customer and agents our login secured portal provides:
  • Real-time access to your purchase order, AFL sales order, shipment and invoice information.
  • Ability to setup advanced e-mail notifications for orders, shipments and invoices.
  • Specify notifications for specific states/provinces, cities and zip/postal codes.
  • Configure the notifications you need using our notifications wizard.
  • Simply follow the orders and shipments that interest you.
  • Track their progress using the new homepage feed.
  • Advanced search feature allows you to filter and search for the information you need and export it to excel.
  • Training on how you can configure the portal to meet your needs.
We hope you enjoy our new customer portal.
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iSupplier Portal

Our suppliers can search for and view AFL purchase order information in real-time. Information includes:
  • PO number
  • Date
  • Associated buyer
  • Purchase order status
Need access to the supplier portal? Contact your AFL Buyer for more information on registering.

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