International Shipment Requirements

(rev. 04/2014)

Every item and its containers must be conspicuously marked, legibly, indelibly, and in English with the item's country of origin (i.e. "Made in [Country of Origin]") in accordance with US law. If a marking exception applies, a copy of the US Customs approval of the marking exception must accompany each shipment. If any item or its container is received without the required country of origin marking, the item will be considered non-conforming and may be returned to the supplier at the supplier's expense.

Each commercial invoice must contain the purchase order number, Incoterm, and weight and number of packages. For each line item, list the AFL part number, country of origin, HTS code, description, value/sale price (in a specified currency and including all additions and deductions to the Customs value), quantity, and US statistical reporting quantity (ex. Fiber Meters). Each packing list must contain the weights, package and piece counts.

A Pro Forma invoice is required for no charge orders (including free of charge samples) must include a value (either the cost to acquire / produce the item incurred by the supplier or the normal retail cost were the item purchased by AFL) along with a statement "Value for Customs purposes only".

For international small package / express consignment shipments (typically under 150 lbs or 70kg), UPS is AFL's authorized carrier. Refer to AFL’s routing guide for booking instructions and AFL account numbers.

Send all shipping / Customs clearance documentation to the AFL Import team immediately upon shipment booking ( Failure to do so could result in shipment delays.

For all ocean cargo shipments, certain data elements must be filed to US Customs at least 24 hours prior to vessel loading. AFL requires each foreign vendor to complete an ISF Input Form with the necessary data elements. For shipments booked with AFL nominated carrier/freight forwarder (refer to AFL routing guide), the completed ISF Input Form must be provided to the local booking office and a copy sent to the AFL Import Department ( Where the supplier’s elects the carrier/freight forwarder, the ISF Input Form must be sent to the AFL Import Department upon booking with the carrier/freight forwarder contact information. The supplier’s nominated carrier/freight forwarder will not be able to perform the filing. Failure to provide the required data elements will result in a deduction of at least $5,000 per shipment from our payment to you for compensation of penalties that US Customs will impose on late and/or incorrect ISF filings.

If not previously provided, supply a Manufacturer's Affidavit or applicable preferential program Certificate of Origin (i.e. NAFTA, GSP, etc.) upon receipt of the purchase order. Any changes to country of origin or Certificates of Origin previously provided to AFL, must be communicated immediately. If the shipment consists of goods being returned or repaired, supply the appropriate Shipper's Declaration or Repair / Alteration declaration. Send certifications/declarations to AFL Import team (

All applicable wood packaging material subject to the IPPC of the WTO must be treated and stamped in accordance with ISPM 15 requirements. If applicable wood packaging material is not treated and stamped in accordance with ISPM 15 requirements, the shipment will be considered non-conforming and any associated costs will be at the supplier's expense.