OFI and VFI: Product-Specific Questions

VFI (VFL) and HiLite:

Q: What is the output power level of the VFI’s?
A: Both models use a Class 2 Red laser with an output power level of about 1.0 mW.
Q: What is the Range of the VFI-2 and HiLite?
A: Up to 3.0 miles or 5.0 km depending on fiber type, bends, connectors in the network, etc.
Q: What kind of connector adapter is on the VFI-2 and HiLite?
A: VFI-2 and HiLte units use threaded field-swappable universal style connector adapters:

  • A 2.5mm Universal (UPC) ships with all Noyes VFLs. The 2.5 mm universal adapter accepts ST, SC and FC, etc. connectors.
  • A 1.25 mm universal adapter is also available. It accepts LC and MU connectors.
  • The threaded connector adapters allow for easy removal for launch ferrule cleaning in the field.
Q: Why can’t I power my VFI-2 off?
A:  Change the two “AA” type batteries.  When the voltage drops below a specific level the ON/OFF button will not be able to power the VFI-2 off.  Replacing the batteries with new ones will remedy this issue.

Q: Why do I get a traffic detection signal when I know that the fiber is dark?
A: The trigger of the OFI 200 or OFI 400 must be fully engaged to allow the foam plunger to seal over the top of the fiber. If the trigger is not fully engaged, the OFI may read ambient light as a signal. This typically happens in direct sunlight or in a well lit room. 
Important Note: The two sided plunger head is field swappable. One side is flat and the other side has a slot. The slotted side is for jacketed fiber and the flat side is for bare or ribbon fiber. Be sure the plunger is in the correct orientation for best results.