AFL FTTx/PON Products Receive Awards from BTR?s Diamond Technology Reviews

AFL's innovative efforts were recognized by the 2021 Broadband Technology Report's (BTR) Diamond Technology Reviews with awards for four products –  Apex® splice closureFlexScan® TS100 FTTH PON TroubleshooterFlowScout™ PON Optical Power Meter and Port Saver OTDR Connectors.


The Diamond Technology Reviews is one of the industry’s most prestigious awards program. Judged by third-party experts in the industry, this program recognizes achievements in a wide range of technologies such as cabling and accessories, field test instruments, video processing and distribution, Wi-Fi solutions, broadband communications and more. The scores range from 1.0 Diamond-5.0 Diamonds; however, only the products ranked 3.5 and above are considered superlative by the panel.

Both the Apex sealed splice closure and the FlexScan TS100 FTTH PON Troubleshooter were honored with 4.0 Diamonds in the Cabling and Accessories category and Field Test Instruments category, respectively. The recent uptick in data plus the lack of a skilled workforce have revealed a greater need for products that are easy to use, maintain, install and upgrade. As a result, AFL designed the Apex to meet these demands. The purpose of this product is to lower installation time, enhance network reliability and increase the density of fiber splices. Its wedge-based gel sealing system combined with cable strain relief make these goals possible.

The FlexScan TS100 is another great solution since its all-in-one tool detects, identifies, locates and resolves single-mode optical network issues. It’s also very easy to use and requires little-to-no training, which makes it more accessible to technicians with a wider range of experience levels.

The FlowScout PON Optical Power Meter and the Port Saver OTDR Connectors were awarded 3.5 Diamonds also in the Field Test Instruments category. FlowScout was recognized for its versatility since it can be used on multiple PON networks such as BPON, EPON, GPON, 10G-EPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON and video network verification and troubleshooting.

Last, but not least, are AFL’s Port Saver Field-Replaceable Port Saver Connectors. Designed to fit all FlexScan OTDRs, these connectors are easily replaced in the field if damaged and eliminates expensive and time-consuming factory repair. Until now, a damaged OTDR connector would have required factory repair to replace the damaged ferrule. However, the ease and convenience of replacing these connectors now maximize a technician’s time in the field.

According to BTR, a 3.5 rating describes a solid product with unique and beneficial attributes that set it apart. A 4.0-4.5 score is reserved for exceptional products with certain technical features and performance capabilities that alludes to substantial benefits. Finally, first-class and ground-breaking products that create new standards in the industry receive a score of 5.0 Diamonds.