FAQ: Fiber Outside Plant

Fiber Outside Plant
AFL offers customized solutions for demanding applications and environments. Our products include field-tested closures, enclosures, splice trays and fiber storage units. 

Below are the FAQs submitted by customers regarding the Fiber Inside Plant product line.

IDEAA- Distribution Platform

Q: What connector types are available in the AFL Integrated Distribution Enabling Access Apparatus (IDEAA) platform?
A: The AFL IDEAA module is available in two connector configurations: IDEAA SC and IDEAA MPO. The IDEAA SC module accommodates up to 32 fiber distributions through the use of APC style connectors. The IDEAA MPO module accommodates up to 96 fiber distribution through the use of mass deployment technology.

OptiNID Fiber Demarcation

Q: Does AFL offer MDU solutions?
A: AFL offers a variety of MDU solutions for the telecommunications industry. Contact your local representative through Customer Service at +1 (800) 235-3423 to discuss product and opportunity.

Q: Do fiber demarcation boxes offer UV protection?
A: AFL offers the OptiNID Fiber Demarcation product line, which is constructed from a UV stabilized material.