FAQ: Fiber Inside Plant

Below are the FAQs submitted by customers regarding the Fiber Inside Plant product line.

Cable Assemblies

FASTConnect® and FUSEConnect® General

FAST Connect Specific

FuseConnect Specific

Rack Mount Patch Panels

Modules and Panel Accessories

Indoor Wall Mounted Panels

Couplers/Splitters and Multiplexer




Modules and Panel Accessories

Q: In what color is the Poli-MOD available? 
A: The Poli-MOD is available in black.

Indoor Wall Mounted Panels

Q: What are the standard densities for the AFL Wall Mount Interconnect Enclosures (WME)? 


Fiber Density

LGX 118
Mounting Positions

Physical Dimensions


12 to 24 fiber

Up to two

12.0"H x 14.0"W x 2.5"D


24 to 48 fiber

Up to four

12.0"H x 16.0"W x 3.63"D