• Kimwipes


    • High quality low lint wipe
    • Soft and non-abrasive
    • Extremely absorbent
    • 280 wipes per box


    • Ideal for laboratories and manufacturing facilities
    • Wet or dry cleaning for fibre optic connectors
    • Fibre preparation before splicing or terminating connectors
    • Cleaning of laboratory equipment and electronics


Kimwipes are specially designed paper fibre optic cleaning wipes which can be used for cleaning laboratory equipment and instruments, camera lens, fibre optic connectors and other electronic items. These delicate task wipes have been specially designed for cleaning those surfaces where the presence of minimal lint or dust can interfere with the normal functioning of the equipment or electronic item. Kimwipes are extremely useful wherein even the slightest contamination introduced by a cleaning medium like cloth or tissue paper can lead to serious errors or abrasion to the equipment.  Kimwipes are an ideal cleaning solution for laboratories and manufacturing facilities.


Kimwipes have a high tensile strength which reduces tearing during cleaning yet are soft and non-abrasive.  These wipes are also highly absorbent allowing them to be used for wet cleaning of fibre optic connectors with the FCC2 Fibre Optic Cleaning Fluid or as a dry cleaning solution. Use Kimwipes with the FPF1 Fibre Preparation Fluid for cleaning fibres before fusion splicing and terminating connectors.


Cleaning Facts:

  • Cleaning Saves Time and Money!
  • Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fibre optic network failures.
  • Prevention is simple – Clean Connectors!
  • Proper cleaning saves money – by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors
  • Proper cleaning extends the life of connects and reduces replacement costs
  • Clean connectors maximise the performance of the network and reduce repair cost




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