• Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment System


    • The reel is made from lightweight high impact materials
    • The reels can be easily stacked and secured together for storage and transportation
    • The connector at the inner end of the cable can be stored within the hub
    • The centre hub is internally lined with a foam insert and connector retention grommets for ultimate connector storage and protection


    • Mobile telecommunication systems
    • Military tactical communication systems
    • Field deployable broadcast communications
    • Mining
    • Oil and gas


AFL's Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment Reel is used for deploying a ruggedised cable assembly used in harsh environments. These assemblies would typically contain an expanded beam connector on a MIL TAC cable and used in conjunction with a cable deployment stand for retrieving the cable once deployed. The reel is available in 3 colours and capable of holding cables up to 1000mts in length (using 5.5mm diameter cable)  
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