• Stranded Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable with Sacrificial Sheath


    • Insect Resistant Nylon Inner Sheath
    • Protective outer PE Sheath
    • Drycore construction resulting in less mess and time lost for fibre breakout
    • Various Sheath Options available (Speak to your AFL Representative)
    • Improved UV Resistance


    • Short & Long Haul Backbone Applications
    • Underground in conduit
    • Underground direct buried


Stranded loose tube cable is ideal for short and long haul backbone applications and can be installed in-duct or direct-buried. The water blocked, dry cable core stranded design suits point-point and point-multipoint fibre installations where spur cables are spliced from the backbone. The addition of an outer black PE sheath protects the inner insect resistant Nylon barrier from damage during installation and is also recommended where the cable will be directly exposed to UV rays. 


The tubes and fillers are laid around a central strength member, taped and contained within a dry, water blocked cable core which is sheathed with polyethylene (PE) insect resistant nylon jacket and an additional sacrificial PE outer sheath. Surface printing includes length marking at one metre intervals. 

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