• Fibre Pole-mount Enclosure


    • Compact design allows for mounting within confined spaces
    • Aluminium construction for thermal dissipation and corrosion resistance
    • Terminate 6F max. fusion splicing or field installable connectors
    • Removable service cover with vented top, brush strip on base and viewing window
    • Includes small footprint PoE media convertor and matching transceiver
    • Supports up to 90W (PoH) at 10/100/1000Base-T
    • Transmit over singlemode or multimode fibre with a variety of link budgets


    • IP security cameras
    • ‘Smart Pole’ and ‘Smart Lighting’
    • Outdoor digital signage / infrastructure, WAP and IoT
    • Intelligent transportation infrastructure


The AFL Fibre Pole-mount Enclosure solution is specifically designed to fit within confined, environmentally sealed spaces (ie. Inside a light pole) and terminate a ‘Hybrid’ fibre/power cable. The enclosure is supplied with a small format, passively cooled, Power over Ethernet (PoE) media convertor and SFP transceiver for Gigabit backbone networks.
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