• Modular DIN Rail Mounted Enclosure


    • Modular external apertures to suit flat or angled panels for various connector types and densities
    • Side panels can also accommodate AFL’s Modular MTP Cassettes
    • Lockable splicing compartment for restricted entry
    • Top, bottom and LHS cable entry points for ceiling or floor access


    • Remote cable locations (i.e. communications rooms, warehouses, campuses, high-rise buildings, etc.)
    • Industrial automation environments
    • Multimedia applications such as mining camps using fibre and copper cabling
    • Data centres and SAN environments requiring MTP or pre-terminated cabling solutions.
    • Suitable as a Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet (MUTO)


AFL's medium-sized DIN rail-mounted enclosure is well-suited for fusion splicing or directly terminating fibre within industrial cabinets.
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