• Fibre Optic Wall Enclosure (FWE)


    • Modular apertures in the internal panel, to suit flat or angled panels for various connector types and densities
    • Lockable compartments for restricted entry
    • Internal fibre clips for managing incoming cables and fibre pigtails
    • Top and bottom cable entry/exit points for ceiling or floor access
    • Large knockout with grommet on customer side
    • Double hinged door on the customer patching side to accommodate modular MTP cassettes


    • Indoor fusion splicing and direct termination of loose tube and tight buffered cables
    • Remote cable terminations (i.e. communications rooms, warehouses, campuses, high-rise buildings, etc.)
    • Data centre and SAN environments requiring MTP or pre-terminated cabling solutions


AFL's Fibre Optic Wall Enclosure's (FWE) professional appearance makes them ideal for any office or corporate installation or where space is at a premium and racks cannot be used. They are especially suited for direct termination, fusion splicing or MTP applications using modular cassettes. The dual compartments comprise a left termination compartment and a right side patching compartment. Both sides can be locked to prevent unauthorised entry.
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