• RT-02 Ribbonizing Tool


    • No glue required
    • 200 µm and 250 µm compatible
    • Loading with color code sequence not required
    • Fibers load directly into fiber holder
    • Left and right fiber holder color codes printed on tool


    • Ribbonizing 200 µm and 250 µm loose fibers
    • 200 µm and 250 µm MPO Termination
    • Mass fusion splicing loose fiber cables


The RT-02 is the latest ribbonizing tool from Fujikura, and the first universal ribbonizing tool on the market suitable for forming a temporary ribbon from loose 200 µm or 250 µm fibers. This is also the first tool that features a glue-less process for ribbonizing and splicing 12 fiber ribbons. This saves time and money by eliminating operating inefficiencies such as cure time and contamination of splicing equipment. Simply choose the applicable fiber holder in conjunction with the RT-02 to ribbonize 200µm or 250µm fibers. With this tool, you can now realize the benefits of mass fusion splicing when installing the latest generation of loose fiber micro cables.

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