• CT-105+ Fiber Cleaver


    • 80 - 1,250 μm cladding diameter
    • Automatic clamping system
    • Up to 100 program modes can be stored
    • 200,000 cleave per blade for 250 μm fiber
    • Optional adapter for use with FH-100 series fiber holders
    • Fiber backstop standard
    • Communication to a PC via USB


When exceptional cleave quality is required for fibers up to 1,250 μm, the new large diameter CT-105+ cleaver provides both flat and angled cleaves using an automatic clamping system with programmable force. The color LCD shows cleaving progress and recommended insert size depending on fiber coating and cladding diameter. Saving and storing cleaving programs to a PC or tablet is accomplished using a USB port. The LDF cleaver’s extensive programming features allow for optimal results.

Ordering Information

CT-105+ Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver (AFL No. S016076)
Includes: ADC-19 AC adapter, ACC-09 AC power cord, HEX-01 hex wrench, USB-01 USB Cable and M-CT105+ instruction manual
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