• LZM-120A+ LAZERMaster® Splicing System


    • High resolution motion for precise control during splicing and glass processing operations
    • Automatic beam alignment and ablation focusing through new active mirror and focus motors.
    • Very clean heat source: No deposits on fiber surface as might occur with filaments or electrode systems
    • Provides extremely stable and repeatable operation
    • Substantially reduces maintenance and calibration requirements
    • Proprietary feedback system ensures heating power stability
    • No need for process gas (as required with filament systems) or Vacuum systems
    • Class 1 system with redundant automated laser safety features


    • Fiber Ablation that can be used for cleaving, shaping, or custom mode stripping
    • Splicing and glass processing of 80 ?m to 2.3 mm fibers
    • Extensive library of applications which are similar between the LZM and FSM family
    • FPS PC GUI provides additional measurement capabilities and glass shaping control


The LZM-120A+ LAZERMaster is a splicing, glass processing system, and fiber ablation machine that uses a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing, tapering, lensing, ablation (for cleaving and mode stripping) or other glass shaping operations with glass diameters up to 2.3 mm. The high-resolution optical analysis system works in conjunction with on-board firmware for fully automatic splicing, tapering and other glass shaping processes.

High precision glass processing is enabled by the intuitive and user-friendly on-board firmware. Operations may also be performed manually and by PC control. The FPS PC control GUI is supplied with the LZM-120A+ to provide additional features, greater flexibility and finer control. The FPS GUI allows customers to also create proprietary PC control algorithms using a complete set of PC control commands.

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