• CLETOP (ACT) Adapter Cleaning Sticks


    • Easy to use and efficient
    • Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance
    • Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fibre optic connectors and various adapters
    • Compact and disposable


    • Efficiently cleans fibre optic connectors in adapters
    • Cleans adapter alignments sleeves
    • Available for most common commercial connectors (ST, SC, FC, & MU)
    • Cleans LEMO connectors for video applications


CLETOP (ACT) adapter cleaning sticks offered by AFL are an easy and efficient means of cleaning fibre optics connectors in adapters and cleaning alignment sleeves. CLETOP sticks are available in sizes for most common commercial connectors (ST, SC, FC, LC, MU), military connectors, and LEMO connectors for video applications. When connectors need to be cleaned inside adapters, you can rely on the CLETOP stick.

AFL stocks the following ACT / CLETOP sticks:

  • 2.5mm CLETOP Sticks (ACT-01) - For cleaning SC, ST, FC in adapters
  • 2.0mm CLETOP Sticks (ACT-03) - For cleaning military connectors
  • 1.25mm CLETOP Sticks (ACT-02) - For cleaning LC and MU connectors in adapters
  • 2.5/2.0mm double-ended CLETOP Sticks - For cleaning LEMO connectors

Cleaning Facts:

  • Cleaning saves time and money!
  • Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fibre optic network failures
  • Prevention is simple – clean connectors!
  • Proper cleaning saves money by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors
  • Proper cleaning extends the life of connects and reduces replacement costs
  • Clean connectors maximise the performance of the network and reduce repair cost

Ordering Information

Model Description

8500-10-0024MZ (Box of 200)

ACT-01 — 2.5mm CLETOP Sticks (FC, SC, ST, D4)

8500-10-0022MZ (Box of 200)

ACT-02 — 1.25mm CLETOP Sticks (LC, MU)

8500-10-0023MZ (Box of 200)

ACT-03 — 2.0mm CLETOP Sticks (Military Termini, and High Definition television camera connectors such as LEMO)

8500-10-0030MZ (Box of 100)

Double-ended 2.0mm / 2.5mm CLETOP Sticks


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