AFL’s optical fiber identifiers (OFIs) are rugged, easy-to-use test instruments that detect the presence of signals on optical fibers. An OFI is an important tool for field technicians – assuring that live fibers are not disconnected and providing the ability to trace fibers from end to end.

OFIs are simply clamped onto a fiber, where they induce a safe macro-bend and allow a small amount of light to escape. Units use this light to detect the presence of network traffic, test tones or CW signals and indicate the direction of the signal.

AFL offers several OFIs in order to meet the needs of every customer. Our newest OFIs (OFI-BI and OFI-BIPM) are some of the most sensitive units on the market, making it the ideal choice for detecting any type of single-mode fiber – including bend insensitive SM fibers.

Optical Fiber Identifiers Products