AFL?s SkyWrap? Cables Spans Greenland?s Terrain

Mark O’Sullivan, Field Engineer at AFL, recently took this photo featuring AFL’s SkyWrap® cable at an installation project in Greenland. O’Sullivan submitted his photo in AFL’s monthly employee photo contest, and it was selected as the September 2021 winning photo.

“It was one of many [photos] with the mountains, good weather and the sea. Plus, the location was only accessible by helicopter,” said O’Sullivan on why he was inspired to take the picture.

Captured on September 14, 2021, SkyWrap is pictured spanning from Qaqortoq to Narsaq in Greenland, roughly 13 miles (or 22 kilometers).

TELE-POST, a Greenland telecommunication company, began investing in network technology that would last the country well into the future and with the country’s harsh climate and terrain, AFL’s SkyWrap was the only solution for the project. The installation was completed in a two-month time frame, from July 16 to September 24, and now “TELE-POST and the power company have a complete communications link without interruption from the weather,” said O’Sullivan.

SkyWrap is part of AFL’s aerial fiber optic cable portfolio and for almost 40 years, has provided an ideal solution for installing fiber optic cable on overhead power lines. It offers complete communication links for high-voltage environments and uses existing power line infrastructure. The cable is a quick, cost-effective option designed to withstand aggressive environmental and terrain conditions.