Verify PON signal levels after connecting OLT and ONT


PON signal level verification before activation is important to ensure the OLT and ONT are functioning properly and will deliver the required level of service to the end users.

PON verification involves verifying downstream signal levels from the OLT and possibly upstream signal levels from the ONT are within acceptable limits.

By performing these activities, network administrators can ensure that the PON system will deliver high-quality, reliable service to end users.​​​​​​​

Common Problems

PON signal levels should be verified to ensure that a network is properly installed and performing within specification. If those signal levels are too low or too high, problems should be addressed before activation.

AFL's FlexScan® TS100 FTTH PON Troubleshooter enables a technician to verify GPON and XGS-PON signal levels downstream from the OLT. The FlowScout™ PON Optical Power Meter additionally measures power levels upstream from the ONT and downstream from the OLT to verify end-to-end connectivity.

Specific wavelengths should also be measured to make sure they are present, operating within acceptable levels, ensuring data is being transmitted correctly. GPON, video and XGS-PON services can exist on the same FTTx network, so specific wavelengths must be verified. Using tools such as a troubleshooter or power meter, a technician can verify the power at each downstream and upstream wavelength.


AFL provides the easiest to use solutions reducing the complexity of activation verification. We offer simple, intuitive tools durably built for expert or novice technicians working indoors or outside the premise.

Both FlexScan® TS100 FTTH PON Troubleshooter and FlowScout™ PON Optical Power Meter are full featured devices yet require little to no training. With instant-on test capabilities, results are displayed in seconds providing ultra-fast detection of problems. Both products can test legacy BPON, EPON, GPON, Video and next generation PONs such as XG/XGS-PON and 10GEPON. A single device can test both old and new networks saving on the cost of future equipment investments.

In summary, AFL's palm-sized tools are designed to reduce the time spent troubleshooting with first-time-right testing and rapid results sharing. Easy-to-use tools designed for novice and expert technicians keep your network running trouble-free, eliminating costly follow-up service truck rolls.

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