AFL Launches Solo HD™ Compression System

Spartanburg, SC – AFL, an international manufacturer of fiber optic cable, equipment and accessories, introduces the Solo HD Compression System. This one-die system uses an innovative core gripping system that allows a single die to compress the outer aluminum barrel, gripping the steel core and aluminum strands while using the same die set, ultimately cutting installation time in half. The compression system includes dead ends and joints for ACSR and ACSS conductors.
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“The Solo HD Compression System is a significant technological breakthrough for users of compression style connectors on ACSR and ACSS conductors,” explained Jon Potter, commercial manager for AFL’s accessories business. “With a single die, the Solo HD compression system requires half the time of a two-die system, providing quick turnaround without adding a learning curve or new tooling for installers.” 

Additional benefits of the Solo HD compression system are multifold:
  • By creating a virtually void-free compression that eliminates ingress of water and by using steel that eliminates the exposure of raw steel after, rust and corrosion is eliminated. A compound is not required.
  • Suitable for use up to 250°C.
  • Full tension joints travel through sheaves without impacting the performance of the connector and allowing for multiple conductor lengths to be installed from a single location.
  • The Aluminum Hex (AH) die size remains the same as that of the standard AFL two-die system and eliminates the need for the Steel Hex (SH) dies.
  • By using the same compression pumps and presses, additional tools and training is not required, adding up to more savings.  
  • Because the assembly is used for both ACSS and ACSR type conductors, multiple part numbers are not required.  
AFL’s conductor accessories provide superior performance and reliability for electric power utilities and rail companies. Products include substation accessories, rail transit, fiber optic cable hardware, motion control, wire products, tools, compounds and more. For more information about AFL, its products and services, visit
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Jon Potter
Commercial Manager (Accessories), AFL

Corie Culp
Public Relations Manager, AFL