The Solo HD® Compression System is a significant technological breakthrough for users of compression style connectors on ACSR and ACSS conductors. Solo HD is an innovative new compression product line designed to improve field installation practices and reduce installation times.

The Solo HD compression system is simple, versatile and typically requires half the time than any conventional two die compression system.

Additional benefits of the Solo HD system include:

  • Fewer compressions per unit required over any standard two-die compression system in the market
  • One single compression die set through the complete installation, eliminating die changes, setups and steel hex die upkeep
  • Full tension system with a tensile rating greater than 95% of the conductor-rated breaking strength (RBS)
  • Splices capable of traveling over sheaves or blocks without suffering performance losses, allowing a single setup to pay off more than one reel of conductor
  • No filler compound needed, eliminating the guesswork associated with filling the proper amount of compound and installation time
  • Available for use on ACSR, ACSS, ACSR/TW and ACSS/TW applications with typical operating temperatures up to 250°C
  • No new training or tooling required

The Solo HD compression system is the perfect solution to provide quick turnaround on new and existing projects, plus its capacity to accept multiple conductors decreases the number of compression SKUs at the warehouse and in the field thereby reducing the inventory budget required to maintain the electrical grid.

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