Imagine building up our environment

AFL commits to the conservation of land, water, electricity and more. We support company-wide efforts that include planting trees, recycling materials and reducing waste to help preserve our environment. Protecting the resources that have been entrusted to us affects generations to come.

Over the past 10 years, AFL has supported our environment in various ways. Worldwide, AFL has increased recycling by 49 percent and reduced global electricity and water use by 26 percent each. This was accomplished while increasing our manufacturing footprint with three new facilities. Additionally, we have made an impact in the environment by planting and providing trees—more than 20,000 over a 10-year timeframe.

In Spartanburg, South Carolina, AFL has partnered with Palmetto Pride, an organization whose main mission is to fight litter in South Carolina. Through its Palmetto Prideaway program, AFL sponsors a 2-mile stretch of I 85 that is cleaned periodically by the SC Department of Corrections. Over the past 10 years (since mid-2009), more than 126,000 pounds of litter has been picked up with approximately 8,500 bags of litter removed. In 2019 alone, more than 1,500 bags of litter were removed. AFL's participation in this program has assisted in over 10 million pounds of litter removed from South Carolina interstates. This commitment helps maintain the beauty of the state for our citizens and the safety of our interstates for the 30 million annual visitors that travel the SC roadways.

As we build on these successes, we are setting more goals to protect our environment. One of these goals is to plant or provide another 20,000 trees by 2025 worldwide. As a strategic community partner, we are focused on helping communities prosper.

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