AFL offers a broad portfolio of fibre optic cable, connectivity components accessories that are designed to meet both simple and complex energy generation applications.

As the leading world manufacturer of fibre optic cable, AFL is uniquely positioned to provide a full line of indoor and outdoor optical cables, including high strength and armoured cables. Energy generation customers across Australia and New Zealand choose AFL for coal, gas and renewable energy generation projects for high quality products and support.

High strength optical cables are ideal for installation in remote locations, where cable survival in tough conditions is important. As the name indicates, these designs provide high levels of tensile strength, impact resistance and crush resistance, which are important when installed in rocky or expansive soils.

AFL has a large install base of high strength cable for customers across Australia.

AFL also manufactures its own line of connectivity components for energy generation customers including:

With AFL’s history in the electric utility market and our highly skilled engineers, we are ready to help our customers develop modern energy generation systems. Minimal customer downtime and 100% customer satisfaction are the goals of every utility and a proper communications network is essential in reaching these goals.