AFL enables modern technologies for smart motorways and tunnels, railways and metro systems.

Modern transportation systems increasingly rely on technology for traffic flow, monitoring, control and safety systems. Fibre optic technology underpins those systems because of its bandwidth, light weight and resistance to electromagnetic interference. Infrastructure owners look to AFL fibre optic products to deliver quality products that allow hassle-free delivery of smart services, including:

  • Fibre optic cable
  • Armoured fibre optic cable 
  • Rodent resistant fibre optic cable
  • Fire-rated fibre cables
  • Flexible and harsh environment cables
  • Sidewinderâ„¢ Rapid Cable Deployment System
  • Harsh environment connectors
  • Fusion splicers
  • Test and inspection products
  • Fibre optic cleaning products
  • Fibre optic enclosures