24/7 connectivity is one of the key characteristics of modern society. In locations where people gather in large numbers, the expectation is to have seamless connectivity and bandwidth. Meaning, higher-density wireless access points are needed plus a higher-density fiber infrastructure to support them. AFL has the right solutions for this type of network.

AFL offers several key benefits for the campus and venue network:

Expandability. AFL’s Premise MicroCore® and Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) with SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) provide an ultra-high density of fiber within a given pathway. With space often at a premium in campus/venue environments, network designers and installers benefit from these cable options when designing a robust network that consists of enough fiber for current and future generations. Modular components like AFL’s ASCEND® panel also allow for upgrades to higher fiber counts, different wavelengths and more. This maximizes the amount that a network can grow before it needs to be replaced and the chance that critical hard-to-install components (e.g. cable runs) can remain in place through upgrades.

Flexibility. AFL offers several points of flexibility for network designers, installers and operators. Modular products like the ASCEND fiber panel and WME enclosures allow many options to reconfigure networks by changing splice trays, connectorized modules and more. AFL’s FASTConnect® and FUSEConnect® field-installed connectors also provide flexible termination options.

Accessibility. From SpiderWeb Ribbon’s remarkable design to make 200 μm fiber backwards compatible with 250 μm for ribbon splicing, to our industry-leading core alignment Fujikura 90-series splicers, to the craft-friendly and modular design of ASCEND panels and WME enclosures, AFL makes it straightforward and simple for technicians to install and maintain fiber networks.

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