Splicing and Optimization Services

AFL can also provide custom engineering services for special splicing or fiber preparation applications. These services may include custom hardware or software design, and process improvement consultation. Services may also include advanced splicer training and maintenance service agreements.

Additionally, if your company is developing a new optical component and/or requires a critical splice, AFL may be able to fabricate spliced components, such as dissimilar fiber splicing, ball lens, tapers, TEC, combiners and MFAs to help accelerate your time to market.

As the need for more sophisticated fiber optics develops, AFL remains on the leading edge in the customization of cables using different alloys and outer encapsulations. Through relationships with equipment manufacturers and a thorough understanding of customer needs in the market, AFL is able to serve this high-tech industry with a cable portfolio no other company can offer.

By producing the optical fiber, steel tubing and other key components in house, AFL can serve customers from any location worldwide. Let AFL custom design and deliver fiber optic cable and connectivity products for your precise application.