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SB01 Splice Enclosure and Accessories


  • Up to 144-fiber splice capacity, depending on cable design
  • Customizable kit with no special re-entry kits required
  • Splice tray constructed of high impact-resistant Lexan®
  • Manufactured of iron and steel; bullet-resistant
  • Pre-mountable enabling easy re-entry and access
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Product Description

AFL’s SB01 splice enclosure provides protection from all types of elements. From weather to bullets, the iron and steel construction requires no additional protective covering. Furnished with four plugged cable ports (2 aluminum and 2 plastic) for either All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) or Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) cables, the splice enclosure can be pre-mounted to a structure before completion of the splicing phase.

With an internal capacity to store approximately 25 feet of buffer tube, the closure is more cost-effective, eliminating the need for an external coil storage bracket (with exception to stainless steel tube optical ground wire designs). The 72-fiber circular fiber tray, constructed of high impact-resistant Lexan®, enables management of up to 144 fibers. The tray’s black base and clear lid enable easy accessibility.

Ideal for electric utilities and optical cable installers, the splice enclosure is versatile and cost-effective for new and existing installations.

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