• VSS700-BI80 Reduced Diameter Bend-Insensitive Single-mode


    • Attenuation < 0.3 dB/km @ 1550 nm
    • Extremely low bend-loss
    • MFD compatible with standard 125 μm SMF for low-loss splicing
    • Tight clad diameter tolerance +/- 1μm
    • Available with standard acrylate coating for telecom applications
    • Available with high temperature coatings


    • Telecom Optical Components
    • Small foot-print devices
    • Tight-bend applications
    • Stringent cable designs
    • Silicon Photonics applications


This 80μm Reduced-Diameter fiber is a Bend-Insensitive Single-Mode fully compatible with standard single-mode fibers for ease of splicing and low splice loss. This product is designed to offer Small Form Factor (SFF) and low macro-bend loss for applications requiring compact packaging with tight bending configurations.

Fiber Properties

  • Numerical Aperture: 0.12
  • Cutoff l: 1250±50 nm
  • Clad Diameter: 80 μm
  • Prooftest Level: ≥100 kpsi
  • Macro-bend Loss @ 1550 nm: ≤ 0.1 dB/wrap, 10 mm diameter mandrel
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