2019 Trends – Part 3. CX Digital Transformation

Technology is transforming every area of our lives, and with transformation comes the need to adapt. At AFL, we’ve been working to leverage the digital transformation taking place in our world to better serve our customers and communities. To truly provide solutions to our customers, we need to understand their pain-points – it is about collaboration and it is about empowering our customers for success.  

Our customers’ own challenge in providing services to their customers starts well before their network is active. It starts during the planning stage and then installation and turnup. With this in mind, we continuously ask ourselves “what does it actually take to drive down the time and complexity of installation?” Then, “what steps can we take to reduce the cost and complexity to support and drive up network reliability?” We want to do more than have our customers simply use our products. We want to delight and empower our customers through innovation and a customer-first approach.

We recently launched our ASCEND™ platform, which was truly built around our customers’ key needs and challenges. When it was being designed, we were thinking about these ideas of planning, installation, and ongoing maintenance. That’s why we designed ASCEND to be built by one person cutting down the installation cost and complexity. ASCEND was developed from the ground-up with flexibility and adaptability in mind and supports customers whether their goal is incremental growth or a full-scale deployment. For AFL, it is delivering optimal fiber management and ease-of-use. While we can’t see the future, what we can do is anticipate our customers’ needs and provide them with adaptable solutions. The flexibility and modularity that this platform offers allows our customers to be able to move their investments forward, and invest in their futures.
At a business level, we’ve been looking at how we can make ourselves easily accessible to customers, and how we can collaborate better. Our goal is to serve our customers, so we want to speak to them on their terms—not ours. Digital transformation is helping us to do that well. Now, we are able to customize the AFL website so each customer is automatically guided to product solutions that are geared to their interests and needs, not just the products.

With technology constantly changing, we are working to be a business that is able to continually transform to be the best solution for our customers. Make sure you’re following along on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn so you can stay up to date with our latest solutions!

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