AFL Rethinks Fiber Demarcation with the OptiNID® Duo

I often talk to customers who see fiber demarcation as an afterthought. So much so, that I’ll hear a bevy of terminology when it comes to fiber demarcation – house boxes, storage boxes, test points, etc. Fiber demarcation enclosures should not be overlooked when building a bill of materials for a project, as making the wrong choice can cost you in the long run.
The fiber demarcation enclosure is beneficial as it provides a “handoff” between the outside plant drop and the indoor premise wiring. Should troubles arise, technicians have a test location to determine whether the issue exists somewhere in the outside plant network, or if a repair needs to be scheduled with the end-user to address any issues inside the home. If thought isn’t put into the selection of the fiber demarcation enclosure, you can potentially either over- or under-spec a product, resulting in either unnecessary costs or potential troubles, including service outages.
If an underperforming product is chosen, the enclosure may not withstand the rigors of environmental or mechanical factors that could be seen over its lifespan. Think about the location of the fiber demarcation enclosure. It’s often in a residential area, no more than chest high for an average adult, often lower. Flying baseballs (especially at cold temperature), insect sprays and constant UV exposure are factors that can be regularly seen in a residential area and can damage low cost resins often used in some of these types of enclosures. Additionally, fiber demarcation enclosures that are large enough for apartment or MDU installations, can also contain more than the one or two fibers necessary for a single-fiber home, resulting in unnecessary material costs.
The OptiNID Duo® is designed to meet the rigors of these environments using industry-proven design knowhow is a compact, yet flexible form factor. The enclosure is capable of handling all of the termination technologies in the fiber optic world today, including AFL’s FastConnect and FustConnect, as well as splicing on a preterminated pigtail with one of AFL’s industry-leading fusion splicers. Additionally, the enclosure's design allows for many different cable entry options, ensuring that no matter the installation scenario, the OptiNID Duo will be able to get the job done. 



Don’t let fiber demarcation become an afterthought! Visit the OptiNID Duo page on our website to learn more about its capabilities as well as other components of our comprehensive FTTx Solutions portfolio.