BICSI Recap - Celebrating the launch of ASCEND™

Thank you to everyone that joined us this week at the 2019 BICSI Winter in Orlando, FL for the launch of the ASCEND™ high density platform.  We had a steady flow of traffic through the booth and it was a pleasure demonstrating the new platform in person. We had a lot of positive feedback and look forward to working with each of you as we continue to roll out this new product. 
AFL showcased many other new products at the booth including the Fujikura CT50 fiber cleaver, Fujikura 31S and 41S fusion splicers, and a variety of test and inspection equipment. All of these products were developed to help reduce overall installation costs by increasing the speed of deployment.
As we begin a new year, AFL is excited, moving into 2019 with a positive outlook and reaffirming our commitment to our core value of innovation with the new ASCEND platform. ASCEND is designed to support today’s fast pacing network requirements, support future demands and stay ahead of the technology curve in this rapidly changing market segment. Get to 800 GB and beyond with AFL and ASCEND.
Watch a product demonstration of ASCEND here