Installation Videos for the ASCEND? High-Density Platform

AFL’s new ASCEND™ high density rack mount platform boasts many features that allows the flexibility to meet all your data center needs. The fiber housing gives you easy access to all the connector interfaces while keeping all fibers and cables secure and organized. Thus, the design makes installation of all the ASCEND components a breeze, but we simplified it even more by creating this series of instructional videos. 

Trunk Cable Routing

ASCEND trunk cables are assembled with a predetermined breakout length to eliminate the guess work when ordering components. Following that logic, we have provided a recommended routing procedure for installing your trunk cables into the rear of the ASCEND housing. Additionally, a retention clip is integrated into all of the ASCEND trunk cables. This clip mounts to the ASCEND housing for optimal strain relief. The following instructional video demonstrates how to mount and remove the retention clip and what our recommended routing procedures are.

Patch Cord Routing

Before installing patch cords into the ASCEND housing, watch this instructional video to see the innovative routing features that the housing provides. As seen in the video, routing rings are integrated into the trays of the housing. These rings allow you to route your patch cords in an organized manner that aids in tracking your patch cords back to the cassette in the future.  


Tray Removal

All ASCEND housings come with the trays preinstalled. Removing the trays from the housing is not recommended or necessary for general installation. If removing a tray from the housing becomes needed for your application, this support video demonstrates how to correctly remove the tray from the ASCEND housing and how to reinstall the tray into the housing.