• Alumoweld® Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire & Strand for Antenna Market


    • Superior corrosion resistance compared with traditional galvanized wires
    • Smooth, round finish for ease of preforming into deadends, coils
    • Available in single wire diameters from 2.3mm to 7.24mm
    • Permanent bond between the aluminum coating and steel core for lifetime performance


    • Used by formed wire manufacturers for attachment hardware components
    • Suitable for use by specialty wire products requiring formability and corrosion resistance


Communications/Antenna Tower Construction

The corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and light weight of Alumoweld wire and strand and Type M® guy wire make these products ideal for the construction and anchoring of antennas, especially those located where challenging terrain, weather, and atmospheric conditions demand a long-lasting alternative to galvanized or aluminized steel.®

For long service life and reliable performance, choose Alumoweld.

Alumoweld's aluminum cladding - ten percent of the wire radius - provides a high degree of corrosion resistance, resulting in longer service life and reduced maintenance. The dense, uniform aluminum cladding (originating from a high-purity aluminum powder) also provides good electrical conductivity. The ten-percent thickness demonstrates the quality of the Alumoweld compared to other coated materials, which typically specify coatings in weight per unit area. When installed in corrosive environments, Alumoweld provides corrosion resistance comparable to EC grade aluminum wires, at a fraction of the cost.

Choose from a variety of standard AFL Type M guy wires or from an array of stranded cable options depending on the tensile requirements of your guying project.  In case you don't see the exact size/type for your application, please contact us directly for applications support. 

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