• Type M Guy Wire - Alumoweld® Aluminum-Clad Steel


    • Superior corrosion resistance compared with traditional galvanized steel guy wires
    • Permanent bond between the aluminum coating and steel core for lifetime performance
    • Equivalent Alumoweld options available for common sizes of galvanized guy wire
    • Available in easy to handle coils or in custom drum lengths if preferred
    • No special tools needed for installation
    • Utilizes off-the-shelf deadends


    • Preferred over galvanized or misch metal steel in highly corrosive environments
    • Commonly used for guying electrical distribution and transmission poles/towers
    • Other guying applications include antennas, masts, stacks


Alumoweld® strand provides non-rusting, high-strength guys for electrical distribution and transmission lines, communications and signal lines, antenna towers, masts, stacks, and other structures. The high tensile strength of this light-weight strand is permanently protected against corrosion by a thick cladding of aluminum. Costly maintenance resulting from corrosion is eliminated, and the original safety factor of the guy is maintained throughout the life of the line.

Thick Aluminum Cladding

The Alumoweld wires used to make Type M Guy Strand is unique in that the aluminum cladding thickness is guaranteed to be not less than ten percent of the wire radius. Thus, the steel core is protected by a thick corrosion barrier that is pure aluminum, not zinc or an iron-aluminum alloy. This thick aluminum cladding provides more than a barrier against attack by corrosive elements. Even if it is breached, it will continue to protect the steel core.

Another important feature of any coated or clad wire is the bond between the coating material and the base metal which it protects. In the case of Alumoweld, the aluminum cladding and the steel core are joined together by a continuous ductile weld which eliminates cracking or separation of the protective aluminum from the steel core.

Lightweight and Convenient

Alumoweld Type M Guy Strand is easily handled and installed. It weighs less than any other high-strength guying material, and is available in all Type M sizes. A standard coil can be conveniently handled by one person. Each coil is protected from damage in transit by a heavy wrapping. Typical coil lengths are 250 feet, 500 feet, and 1000 feet in pallet groupings of 5 to 10 coils. Options and packaging varies by design. The strand is also available in lengths of 2,500 or 5,000 feet on non-returnable wooden reels or custom lengths to suit your project demands.


Alumoweld Type M Guy Strand is an ideal guying material. The ductility of the aluminum cladding prevents flaking and cracking, and protects the steel core from corrosive attack. Any of the usual dead-ending methods, such as parallel groove clamps, can be successfully used on Alumoweld strand. It is also well-suited to popular construction practices such as preformed wire and jaw-type grips. Fitting manufacturers offer complete data and recommendations for specific applications.

Helically-Formed Wire Dead Ends

Preformed, helical-type dead-ends are available for all sizes of Alumoweld Type M Guy Strand. These dead-ends are easy to install and will develop the full strength of the strand. Apply them over the straight strand so that the forming of loops is unnecessary. This reduces the overall length of strand required to make up a guy. This type of dead-end should be made from Alumoweld to assure that the corrosion resistance of the installation is uniform.

Automatic Dead-Ends

Automatic or jaw-type dead-ends may also be used with Alumoweld Type M Guy Strand. These fittings are easily installed and will develop the rated strength of the strand. The corrosion resistance of these dead-ends is coordinated with that of the strand through the use of compatible alloys.

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