• HiTemp® AFL Universal Compound (HiTUC)


    • AFCHT has a wide temperature tolerance. It is workable at low temperatures and does not drip at high temperatures. It has a melting point above 250ºC (482ºF).
    • Improves holding strength and conductivity
    • Irregular surface increases the holding strength when tension is applied and improves conductivity by forming a bare metal to metal connection
    • Seals out the harmful effects of water as AFCHT is forced between the conductor strands
    • Fits a standard caulking gun


    • For compression accessories installed on conductors operating at temperatures up to 250ºC (482ºF)


AFL's HiTemp Universal Compound (HiTUC) is the recommended inhibitor as a filler for compression fittings, as well as a joint compound for pad-to-pad connections for the
increased temperature requirements in today’s Utility market.
It has been designed to withstand the increased operating temperatures of high temperature/low sag conductors (ACSS, ACCR, etc.). If kept in a dry place, HiTUC has a three-year shelf life.


Low Electrical Resistance
HiTUC contains extremely hard metallic particles with sharp and irregular shapes of
carefully controlled grain size. This forms many metal to metal contact points for low
contact resistance.

Wide Temperature Tolerance
HiTUC has a wide temperature range. It is workable at low temperatures -40°C (-40°F) and does not drip at high temperatures. It has a melting point above 250ºC (482ºF).

Improves Current Flow
During compression, the metallic particles (grit) contained in HiTUC are embedded
between the conductor and the inside wall of the accessory, creating an irregular surface. This irregular surface improves conductivity by forming more metal to metal connections. The grit also acts as a wire brush on the aluminum oxide that has formed on the inside of the tubular accessory. This same grit creates a low resistance connection in bolted pads of dead ends, terminals and tee taps.

Moisture Resistant
As the accessory is compressed, HiTUC is forced between the conductor strands, sealing out the harmful effects of harmful contaminates, water and salt.

Fits Standard Caulking Gun
AFL is the only supplier that features a sight gauge along the length of the tube that
allows the user to check the remaining amount. For easy filling of compression accessories, HiTUC fits a standard caulking gun.


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