• No. 2 Electrical Joint Compound


    • Lowest electrical resistance on flat surfaces
    • Grease-type medium dissolves the oxide on connectors
    • Adheres to pad surfaces, protecting the connection against the harmful effects of the environment
    • Proven results in laboratory testing and years in service for efficient and trouble-free service


    • Terminal to dead end connections for applications under 93ºC (200ºF)
    • Flat-to-flat surfaces such as bus-t- bus, aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-copper


AFL's No. 2 Electrical Joint Compound (EJC) is the recommended compound providing efficient and trouble-free service on aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-copper connections. If No. 2 EJC is kept in a dry place, it has an infinite shelf life.

No. 2 EJC has the lowest electrical reistance on flat surfaces because it is a grease type medium that dissolves the oxide on connectors. The nature of the oxide removal is not harmful. Unlike other compounds of its kind, No. 2 EJC creates a light surface etch with no deep, localized attack.


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