• HiTemp® Compression Dead Ends for ACSS/TW Conductors


    • Specially tempered aluminum
    • Standard AH and SH dies


    • Compression dead ends for ACSS/TW conductors


The 440000HT Series Double Tongue Dead End Assembly is specifically designed for ACSS/TW conductor. The body of the HiTemp® Dead Ends are fabricated from a specially tempered aluminum that will transfer elevated current and dissipate increased heat more efficiently. The tongue and terminal pad are constructed with a 15º angle, which permits the terminal connector to be bolted in the straight or 30º position.

All HiTemp Dead Ends are designed for full tension use, achieving a minimum of 95% of the ASTM rated strength of the conductor. Each dead end assembly comes with two 15º terminals and aluminum hardware.

For die sizes 30AH and above, the end tapers of the compression portions of all compression accessories are supplied with a high voltage finish. Corona bolts are furnished as standard on 15º terminals for these die sizes.

The square edges of the bolted pads of the compression accessories could cause corona. Pads with edges and corners rounded can be supplied by adding the catalog suffix “EHV”.

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