• Spacer Dampers Frame Style with Elastomer Bushed Clamps


    • Most efficient way to extend the life span of the transmission line
    • No special tools or torque wrench needed with breakaway bolt design
    • AFL can engineer a line protection system for any particularproject. The Spacer Dampers are available for 3 and 4 conductor bundles.
    • Clamps are constructed of high strength aluminum alloy with a hinged bolted rubber grommet configuration as the standard.
    • Spacer Dampers are designed to provide corona free performance on operating voltages up and including 500 kV. Special designs are available for 765 kV applications.
    • The Vibrec™ damper recommendation program assists in spacer damper requirements for transmission lines. For more information visit www.Vibrec.com or contact the AFL Technical Support Team at 1.800.866.7385.


Spacer dampers were originally developed to suppress bundle conductor subspan oscillations that could cause damage to multi-conductor bundle systems. Later, it was determined that they could be used to control aeolian vibration as well as wake-induced oscillation. The spacer damper is designed to maintain the original geometry of the bundle system against loads. It must also restore the bundle to normal posture after experiencing severe loads due to short-circuit currents, ice and wind.

The AFL Spacer Damper combines the function of a spacer in maintaining conductor separation and the function of a damper in controlling aeolian vibration and oscillation. The viscoelastic bushings firmly grip the conductor. AFL has developed spacer damper designs to meet various bundle configurations and installation requirements.

What is wake-induced oscillation?

Wake-Induced Oscillation is a swinging motion, like a pendulum, that is caused when wind blows across a bundle of conductors. As the conductors move back and forth, there is a potential of the conductors to touch, thus causing significant damage. AFL has been researching oscillation to understand it and has developed improved accessories to control it.

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